41. symposion
30. 06. - 26. 07. 2008


Stone sculpture is no longer taught at the Austrian art universities. This is not a comment, just a simple statement of a condition.

Uncomfortable conditions should always be countered with riots, even if they remain almost unnoticed in their inner impetus. It is curious in deed that there is already quiet a kind of insurrection within the art-world attempting to be up to date with the stone sculpture.

The “Pathfinder” symposium met also this requirement, as the 41st section in a continuous series of experiments that began in Krastal in 1967. The special conception of this 41st symposion provided that professional artist colleagues, who, however, do not work in stone and have no relevant experience or possibilities, could try experiment it. In its center was not an amicable showcase, as is often practiced at stone symposia, but rather a guest relationship a guest relationship that extends right into the creation of the work, which actually meant a successful startup in the medium of stone for the participating guest artists.

The realization of a larger stone sculpture requires not only special tools and an appropriate infrastructure, but also complex reading into the material and its processing possibilities. Thanks to uncountable supporting forces, and the involvement of its members, [kunstwerk] krastal has grown over the years to a competence center for stone sculpture. May this be considered as a fortunate circumstance, which is by no means present everywhere, but obvious here in Krastal - to use the available resources for an intensive "applied" dialogue and for the collegial exchange of skills of working on stone, as was the case this year.

(Michael Kos)


Michael Kos
Max Seibald


Nemanja Cvijanovic
Sibylle von Halem
Julie Hayward
Gerhard Kohlbauer
Ulrich Plieschnig
Egon Straszer