48. international sculptors' symposion krastal
01. 07 - 25. 07. 2015


Krastal symposia have had always a thematic orientation. For take a reflective pause and a prudent foresight, this year the members of [kunstwerk] krastal work with the theme denkmal (~ memorial) in an appealing form denk*mal (~ think). The role of the sculptor as well as the values of "community", "sensibility and responsibility", "openness to the outside", were up for discussion so far as the introductory text to the symposion.

The result or results of thinking are by no means programmatic formulas or phrases. They are
forms. Concepts and their different embodiments. The thinking of man himself is already a sculpture, according to Joseph Beuys, and it depends very much on whether this thinking takes a form so that it can embody a form in the physical world. Beuys's conception of pictorial thinking includes social, ethical, technical, economic, and social aspects. Thought itself must have quality, so that rationality can be achieved in the external circumstances of life. "As is the case with art, it is actually common in human work." the art of thinking (denk-kunst) and visual art (bild-kunst) correlate and are equally important. Which thinking, what thoughts we find embodied in the stones?

(Ingeborg Kofler)


Erika Inger
Herbert Golser
Brigitte Sasshofer
Peter H Schurz
Heliane Wiesauer-Reiterer
Wolfgang Wohlfahrt
Alfred Woschitz